RKsc2 Servo Control Unit for Model Railways - Constructed

Product code: RKsc2 Panel
RKsc2 servo control module

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RKsc2 Servo Control Unit - Constructed
This handy little product has been designed to actuate micro servos which are a popular choice for turnout/point control.  The PCBs have been designed to be compact and simple to use, there is a control PCB and a separate toggle switch PCB, the toggle switch PCB attaches to the control PCB with a 30cm ribbon cable.  It is just a case of plugging the servos to the headers and there are LEDs to indicate switch/servo position.  Power comes from a 5VDC supply and it is possible to daisy chain further modules from a single power supply.  This is perfect for use with Rk Education’s servo mounting bracket RKBracket1 and servo extension leads.
  • This is an extremely versatile system and it has been specifically designed to control servos
  • Perfect for point/turnout control when used with RKBracket1
  • The system can control 8 servos
  • For servo extension leads click here
  • Each servo is controlled using a PCB mounted toggle switch from a separate switch module PCB
  • The toggle switch PCB connects to the control PCB via a 30cm ribbon cable
  • Each servo is connected to the module using 3 way servo cable via a PCB header
  • The module is powered using a 5VDC power supply, further modules can be easily daisy chained allowing several modules to be powered from a single power supply
  • The toggle switches module can either be panel mount toggles of PCB mount toggles
  • The PCB mount toggle switch module has surface mount LEDs to indicate switch position
  • The control module has sockets for plug in LEDs to indicate switch position, ideal for mimic panels
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Uses a high quality, professional, double sided PCB with silkscreen layer
  • The PCBs have mounting holes - PCB mounting pads are included 
  • The RKsc2 comes with the control module, ribbon cable and a either a RKtoggle2 (PCB mount toggles) or RKtoggle9 (panel mount toggles)
  • The starter kit includes RKsc2, toggle switch module (panel mount of miniature PCB mount switches) PSU, 8 servos, 8 servo brackets, 8 sets of fasteners and 8 lengths of piano wire

Technical specifications

Brand RK Education
Condition New
Product Code RKsc2 Panel

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Great product

I bought this at the Doncaster model railway show with servos, brackets and wire and have just got around to using it to replace solenoids on my layout. Brackets are high quality, the fit is excellent. Very easy to set up. Takes around 10 minutes per point to fit the servo, wire, position and fix and needs no adjustments. Very happy, massive improvement over solenoids. Wished I'd known about it earlier.

Charlie Kimmings | York | March 2023