Genie/PIC/PICAXE Training Systems

We have designed a unique range of training systems thats have been designed in house and are prefect to use along side our RK Range projects for use with PIC, PICAXE and Genie.  These systems allow students to easily write and test software in a real world situation and are an ideal method of allowing students to prototype their project circuits without have to build breadboard simulations.  This means that ideas can be quickly and easily tested and they are an excellent as they have been designed around GCSE and A-Level design and technology.

Main features
  • Low cost
  • Designed to be compatible with PIC, PICAXE and Genie
  • They use screwless terminal blocks where appropriate to make changing components easier
  • Software can be written on a computer and downloaded into the PCB to allow the software to be tesetd in the real world
  • More effective than a computer simulation
  • They can be battery or DC mains powered
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