About Us

We specialise in the design and manufacture of unique, low cost products for effective teaching and learning in design and technology and for use by electronics hobbyists.
Products are available for use in KS2, KS3 and KS4 D&T and allow for excellent assessment for learning.
Our products are perfect for the experience hobbyist and for those just entering the world of electronics.
Full documentation and schematics are available with all of our projects and are available as PDF files.
The emphasis is on application and our projects have been designed to encourage students to find their own design solutions. More than just 1 outcome is possible which allows the teacher to differentiate more effectively
We offer a range of products that cover different areas including basic electronics, sensing, timing, logic, comparators and products designed by RK Education for use with PIC® Microcontrollers and PICAXE®* Microcontrollers
All our PCBs have been professionally designed and are double sided have plated through holes, solder resist to aid soldering and a silkscreen layer.
Several projects also have a training system available that allows potential design solutions to be effectively modelled and tested prior to the final outcome being completed
All of the electronic components that are needed for our products are available to purchase at competitive prices.