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We stock a unique range of products designed for use in education, industry and by the electronics hobbyist. 


Please have a look at our new range of PCBs and kits for Raspberry PI

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A small selection of our products
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Perfect for a first electronic project in educational establishments, various outcomes are possible for example a nightlight or moisture sensor, we offer a wide range of products that are perfect for use in education.
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This PCB has been designed to use the L298 h-bridge motor driver and it can power 2 motors at up to 600mA each, the motors are reversable and the speed can be controlled, a perfect product for robot projects.
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This prototype PCB has been designed to use 40 pin PIC chips such as the Kicchip and PICAXE.  This product uses a high quality double sided PCB and it has a large prototyping area, versions are available for 8, 14, 18 and 28 pin PICs.
This unique product is perfect for those starting out with PIC and who want a simple start to things.  The product has been designed with education in mind and it is a perfect tool for technology teachers.